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Physical Activity Analysis Software
The PAAS Lifestyle Coach is a unique and user friendly software for analyzing the data measured by Kenz Lifecorder PLUS and EX activity monitors. The software is designed for Wellness Program, Health Club, Personal Trainer and Weight Management Professional to motivate individuals and group users to increase their physical activities for healthy lifestyles.
Main Functions
  ● Security Log-in with Coach ID and User ID
● Auto USB Download, Auto Printout, Auto Data saving
● Lifecorder setup-Daily Target Value, Selected Display Mode
● View, and Printout for simple analysis reports and summary report
● Physical Activity Ranking List
● Weight Loss Planning
Physical Activity Analysis Software Line up
Operation Manual   Operation Manual Operation Manual
PAAS Functionality Comparison
  Pro Basic Lifestyle
Daily Step Counts  
Daily Activity Minutes
Activity Level Distribution
Frequency of Continued Activity      
Daily Energy Expenditure with Intake & Weight Change      
Weight Loss Plan & Progress    
Daily Physical Activity with all measured value  
Physical Activity Ranking      
Log Book      
Summary Report  
Comparison Report [Printout only]      
Exercise Manual Entry      
User Name & Password      
Auto Download & Auto Printing    
Database Export    
Database Import      
Database Editor    
Lifecorder Settings by PC
  Pro Basic Lifestyle
Target Step, Activity Minutes &
Activity Cal
Intensity Range & Food Intake    
Selecting Display Mode      
Blind Display    
Key Lock    
Auto Start    
Memory Lock/Loop    

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