Physical Activity Monitors
The new Lifecorder PLUS has a large graphic LCD which displays how step counts, distance, calorie expenditure, and activity minutes compare with personal daily targets. The bar graph shows the activity intensity level in two minute intervals over a one hour period. Using the Physical Activity Analysis Software, a full range of activity measurement data can be analyzed and recorded for the past 24 hours, then downloaded to a computer for daily, weekly and monthly fitness tracking.
Operation Manual
    Step Counts: Many studies have recommended walking 10,000 steps per day. The Lifecorder tracks daily progress toward the 10,000 step.
    Activity Minutes: Many health professionals, including the US Surgeon General and the World Health Organization, recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activity (60 minutes per day for children). The Lifecorder function keeps track of total physical activity time at moderate or greater levels of intensity in each 24 hour period for 7 days.
    Distance: The Lifecorder PLUS displays estimated distance walked per day in miles and kilometers, with each individual's stride multiplied by accurate step counts.
    Activity Intensity Graph (METs): The bar graph displays the intensity level of physical activity in 2 minute intervals over each one hour period. The bar graph of the last 24 hours can be recalled on the display of the Lifecorder PLUS. (*METs: Metabolic Equivalents)
    Target Set Up: Daily targets for Step Counts, Activity Minutes and Activity Energy Expenditure is established in the Set Up mode. Selected models of Lifecorder display progress toward daily target, the balance remaining, and a message noting achievement toward goals.
    Calories Burned: Lifecorder displays estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (the calories burned at rest) and Activity Calorie Expenditure* (the calories burned from physical activity). Calories burned are estimated based on personal data and recorded activity. Adding these two values with estimated calories burned from micro movement and meal digestion calculates Total Energy Expenditure.
    Memory: Each icon indicates the maximum daily data stored on the Lifecorder and is available to download to a PC. Displays include each of the last 7 day's results and the weekly total.
    Data Management: Using the optional PAAS software, all of the data in the Lifecorder Ex and PLUS can be transmitted to a PC to review and track physical activity performance. Data can also be placed into a database for analysis of physical activity and goal accomplishment over a long period of time.
PAAS Personal is available for free download from
    Set Up: User information including weight, gender, age, height, stride, calendar and clock are input to personalize each Lifecorder. Calorie expenditure is calculated based on personal information. The units of measurement can be set in inch/pound or metric.
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