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Kenz Cardico 1215

The Kenz Cardico 1215 is an advanced 12 channel digital interpretive electrocardiograph with the versatile functions to fulfill the requirements for healthcare professionals and enhance productivity in hospitals and clinics.

8.5 inch color WVGA touch screen for clear view of ECG and intuitive operation

Slim and lightweight design for easy mobility

Auto, Manual and Long-term recording modes

3, 4, 6 or 12 channel ECG recording with analysis

Z-fold or Roll paper in A4 and US letter sizes

Membrane alphanumeric keyboard for easy cleaning and maintenance

Internal memory for 1,000 ECG data and optional removable USB media

Data transmission via LAN to Kenz ECG Data Viewer CVS-03

Barcode and magnetic card scanning options

Autonomic nervous system test in Long-term recording mode

New Function
Emergency cases aler
Automatic notification with display messages and audible alert in case of abnormal ECG analysis results such as acute MI and third degree AV block that need to pay an immediate attention.

8.5 inch color WVGA display for superior visibility of ECG waveforms
Precision display of ECG waveforms on the grid makes it easy to review P-wave and ST segment on the screen.
Graphical onscreen lead-off information to eliminate poor ECG recording quality.


Long-term mode for screening arrhythmia
Recording lead II and V1 for an extended time to detect SVPC and VPC.

Capturing arrhythmia displayed on the screen
Just pressing the Freeze key to capture the arrhythmia displayed on the screen and start to record a simultaneous 12 lead ECG, inclusive of the captured arrhythmia.

Seamless connectivity with ECG data management system

Printed reports


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