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Kenz Cardico PC1201

Budget and Hight-end Featured 12ch ECG

Easy operation
Color touch screen for easy operation

ECG recording can be started or stopped by pressing the Sart/Stop button of the ECG acquisition module.

Patient hookup condition can be confirmed by the LED indicator of the ECG acquisition module (Green: ready for recording, Orange: lead off)
Microsoft Windows based PC can be utilized as a high performance ECG.

ECG data can be transmitted via LAN or wireless LAN.

Large internal and external memory based on PC specifications e.g. 1,000 ECG/GB

Storing image data in PDF, JPEG and PNG that can be sent out by email.

PC based ECG device facilitates connection with hospital information system.

User selectable display size: ECG waveform display can be enlarged by choosing a PC with a larger display.
Paperless management: ECG data along with patient information can be viewed and stored in the PC without printing. If necessary, the ECG recording data can be retrieved for printing via a remote printer connected with the PC wired or wirelessly.

Easy maintenance and long term use by just replacing with a new PC to reinstall the Cardico PC1201 software.

No need another PC to connect with hospital information system

Compact and lightweight tablet PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher OS can be used to install the Cardico PC 1201 ECG software.
Operation modes

AUTO mode

Simple touch operation of fully automatic ECG recording and analysis.
And you can freeze ECG on the screen whenever any ECG abnormality is found, then you can start automatic recording and analysis of the captured ECG on the display screen.

Pre-check mode

Monitoring occurrence of arrhythmia. If arrhythmia is detected, ECG recording
and analysis will be started automatically.

Long-term mode

Arrhythmia Analysis : Analyze ventricular premature contraction, supraventricular premature contraction and atrial fibrillation by recording selected single lead for a long term.
A.N.S.T. : Autonomic Nervous System Test (A.N.S.T.) can be performed.


Resting ECGAnalysis ResultArrhythmia AnalysisA.N.S.T.
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