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Kenz is registered brand name for medical equipment manufatured by Suzuken Company Limited.

Kenz medical equipment is well known brand as durable and innovative device to extend users maximum investment.
Developing Cardiovascular Equipment to Contribute in a Wide Range of Areas Encompassing Medical Treatment and Clinical Trials Both in global wide

Theis a well-known brand from the manufacturer Suzuken Company Limited. (Japan). Suzuken has constructed an integrated system for the in-house development, production, and sale of electrocardiographs and Holter electrocardiographs under the original brand Kenz, which is at the core of its medical equipment business.

The Kenz Cardico Series electrocardiographs and the Cardy Series Holter electrocardiographs are renowned for their advanced performance and high reliability. These products are directly sold in Japan through the Suzuken Group’s independent sales network, and are distributed through well established distributors in over 50 nations around the world, including the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and various Asian countries.

Among our internally developed products, the Holter electrocardiographs Cardy 203 and 301 are especially well regarded for their technology, and are supplied on an OEM basis to major U.S. companies with global sales networks, thereby extending sales worldwide.

Development higher-quality and higher performance medical equipment

Kenz products have earned acclaim for their quality and performance, obtaining certifications including the ISO 9001 international standard for quality assurance and ISO 13485 for medical equipment quality assurance systems. The products have been certified the CE Marking for distribution in Europe and some of products also have been certified the FDA approval, where the hurdles to market entry are some of the highest in the world.

Ensuring sustainable healthier lifestyle

Kenz offers products to maintain and improve health. For the general public we market physical activity monitor, a device to measure calories expenditure, physical activity intensity, exercise bout, steps, aiding health promotion and maintenance. For doctors, nutritionists, and athletic trainers we offer the Lifecorder PLUS, which supports lifestyle improvement advice by recording day-to-day activity levels.

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